Ceiling Vacuum FAQ’s

Should I get a ceiling vacuumed?
It is advisable to have the ceiling cleaned after removing rats, possums and pigeons, which will have left droppings in your roof. Often older Brisbane houses have old dust, animal droppings, old carcasses, leaves and builders rubbish in ceiling cavities. This can cause allergic reactions and health issues. We can also clean pigeon droppings from on top of roofs and gutters as well as from inside the cavity.

What type of ceiling vacuum do you use?
All our equipment is based on heavy duty commercial units with high grade HEPA filters to take out even the really fine dust . As well as removing animal droppings, dust, leaves and debris, we also remove any builders rubbish. The vacuum stays in a trailer on the ground and it has a long hose that we take up into the ceiling cavity.

How long does a ceiling vacuum take?
An average sized house roof of 120 square meters takes about 4-5 hours to complete a ceiling vacuum.

How do you remove cellulose fibre insulation?
We have some commercial equipment especially set up to remove loose cellulose like Cool & Cosy; it has the power to handle any clumps and can remove heavy particles; this is a far safer process than shovelling which carries the risk of damaging electrical wires. The end result is that the ceiling is vacuumed clean, removing any old dust and animal droppings. We remove and dispose of the old cellulose fibre and can even quote to install new insulation.

Are you able to safely vacuum an asbestos roof?
Using special filters we can do a vacuum inside a super 6 or after complete a ceiling vacuum after asbestos sheeting has been replaced, however there is an additional charge for the special safety requirements and equipment. When a super 6 roof is still in place, we must use the manhole to get the vacuum hose into the ceiling cavity, as we will NOT lift any roof sheets.

Is it practical to vacuum a ceiling when there is insulation?
To be effective, the old insulation needs to be removed first; so we advise vacuuming before any new insulation is placed. However we will provide a full service: insulation removal followed by a ceiling vacuum and then install new insulation on the clean ceiling.

What entry method do the menuse to get into the roof cavity?
Usually we will remove some roof sheeting or tile so the vacuum pipes can avoid passing through the house which reduces the risk of any dust leaks. Our experienced servicemen will then ensure the roof is secured properly again.

Is it possible to clean a raked ceiling or flat verandah ceiling area?
Some areas are not accessible but if practical we will lift tiles or roof sheeting to access the cavity, which would be an additional charge.

Taking the vacuum into the roof
Doing a ceiling vacuum