Roof Vacuum to Clean Your Ceiling & Gutter Cleaning

Ceiling cavities over time will collect a lot of dust and leaf matter. To remove this dust, animal droppings and builders rubbish (and reduce the risk of allergic reactions), we recommend a roof vacuum.

A commercial vacuum with fine Hepa filters is used by our experienced professional servicemen to clean the roof cavity of any debris and old dust. dust. We ensure no dust enters the house by accessing the roof by temporarialy removing the iron or some tiles. The long hoses are taken in whilst the large vacuum cleaner remains outside. See our Roof Vaccum FAQ’s.

When completing a roof vacuum our servicemen can also attend to insulation removal of products including cellulose fibre, poly balls or regular batts. Replacement with new insulation can also be attended to.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer a gutter vacuum to remove built up debris and leaf matter by our specialist roof cleaner serviceman. We offer a gutter cleaning service where our servicemen use a powerful industrial vacuum with special filters to clean the roof and remove rubbish, leaves and debris from valleys and gutters.
We can also do insulation REMOVAL, including cellulose fibre (Cool & Cosy) and poly balls, for which we use special containment systems and then we are able to offer to install new roof insulation, if required.
Our servicemen cover the areas from Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Redcliffe as well as the Gold Coast and up to the southern end of the Sunshine Coast.and leaf matter can also be done to by our specialist roof cleaner serviceman.

Our servicemen cover the areas from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and up to the Sunshine Coast.

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Spring Clean Your roof ready for Summer

Summer in Brisbane can be hot and humid, requiring an increase in the use of expensive electricity to attempt to cool the home. Predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology are that it will be a hotter summer than we have had the past few years, thanks to the return of the El Nino weather system.

One of the most effective ways to reduce electricity costs while cooling the home is through effective roof insulation. Many homes have had insulation installed – yet the recent wet summers, and strong storms may have shifted blown-in or loose types of insulation, dramatically reducing their effectiveness. In homes that were insulated many years ago the material will now be less effective due to deterioration.

If you are thinking of installing new insulation, or removing existing insulation and replacing it with more efficient types, then call us Peter the Possum Man. We offer a great service to fully vacuum your roof cavity before new insulation is installed.
Why have your roof vacuumed before insulating? Could you imagine the floors of your home if you didn’t regularly sweep or vacuum them? Dust, fur and other allergens would rapidly build up.

Your roof has the same problems, and if you add in bird and mice nests, and the odd carpet snake or possum nest, your roof rapidly gains dust, leaves and rubbish as well as potentially harmful parasites. Any opening into your living area means that these blow through into your home. Downlights, bathroom ceiling fans, air vents and air-conditioning vents all can bring this dust and allergens right into your home and can even be triggering asthma problems.

Rubbish and other material like nests made of twigs, paper, and grasses can also increase the fire risk to your home – especially around downlights. Vacuuming your roof before installing insulation means you are starting with a clean surface and reduce your overall fire risk.

Peter the Possum Man can not only vacuum your roof for you, we can supply and install highly effective insulation batts that not only keep your roof cool, but can be moved and replaced if needed to access electrical wires or make roof repairs.

We recommend Tontine polyester batts, as they are safe to install, dust free and non-irritant. They are also long lasting insect and vermin resistant, safe for asthma sufferers and highly effective at reducing the heat.

Call us if you are thinking of installing insulation. We offer competitive quotes and great service and are happy to complete the whole job or work in with other supplies.