Peter the Possum Man – Services

Operating in Brisbane and suburbs for over 30 years we are a family owned and operated business. Our aim is to provide a reliable, quality service supported by a genuine warranty based on many years experience. See our FAQs on gutters and ceiling cleaning to find answers to common questions.

Our specialist vacuum servicemen offer these services :

GUTTER CLEANING : Using a strong industrial vacuum system to remove leaves and debris

ROOF VACUUM : vacuuming inside the ceiling to remove dust debris and animal droppings to reduce the risk of dust allergies and/or to prepare the roof space for new insulation material

INSULATION REMOVAL : using specially design containment systems we can remove loose cellulose insulation (Cool & Cosy) and even the bulky poly ball insulation as well as the more common ceiling batts, which will deteriorate over time.

ROOF INSULATION : We can install new quality polyester or fibreglass insulation batts of your choice or we will make recommendations based on our experience.

Call our office and speak to the friendly staff on 07 3250 1133 or complete the on-line form for a free Quote!

Our industrial vacuum