About Us

We are a family owned and operated business offering a quality service from experienced servicemen, supported by a genuine warranty and many years of working in these specialist areas.
Our servicemen have different speciality skills for which they have all the appropriate licenses and skills developed over many years.
The business has been operating in Brisbane suburbs for 30 years and our aim is to provide a reliable, quality service supported by many years experience in the specialist areas of ceiling vacuuming and gutter cleaning.

Our gutter vacuum serviceman has worked with the company for many years and specialises in vacuuming. He does not remove possums or birds but is very experienced in gutter cleaning, insulation removal, ceiling vacuuming and the installation of new insulation. In this way, we can ensure our customers get a quality specialist service every time.
The servicemen use a wide range of specialist equipment selecting the ones most appropriate for your job but all the methods use heavy duty industrial units to efficiently remove leaves and debris from the gutters, roof valleys and ceilings. The staff ensure that all gutters and downpipes are free flpwing and will flush them with water if required.offer a ceiling and a roof gutter cleaning service where our servicemen use a powerful industrial vacuum with special filters to remove wet and dry rubbish, leaves and debris from gutters and also ceilings.

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Call us or complete our on line form for a free CEILING OR GUTTER cleaning Quote!

We also offer quotes for insulation removal and installation of new insulation in roofs by experienced servicemen.

Phone: 07 3250 1111
Fax: 07 3856 4611
Web: www.roofvacuum.com.au
Office: Newmarket, Brisbane
Postal: PO Box 76 Royal Brisbane Hospital QLD 4029

Remove dead rats and old insulation
Removal of droppings, dust and old insulation from your roof