Gutter Cleaning: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the gutters?
Our servicemen use a vacuum on a trailer with a long hose that sucks and removes the leaves and dirt from the gutters efficiently and neatly. If necessary we then flush the gutters clean with water to ensure all pipes are clear. It is important to clean gutters regularly to prevent blockages which could result in water leaks into your house.

What do you do with the leaves and debris?
Usually we remove and dispose of the leaves and debris, but you could request to keep it if you would like to use it for mulch.

What type of vacuum do you use?
We use a large industrial vacuum unit that can remove dirt and water and any wet debris from gutters and roof valleys.

Do you only clean the gutters?
The vacuum servicemen will also clean any leaves and rubbish from the valleys on the roof as well as the gutters. As a separate service, we can also quote to vacuum ceilings, inside the roof cavity and remove all types of old insulation, or install new insulation.

What happens if we have gutter guard already installed?
We e still able to clean the gutters even when gutter guard mesh is installed, if it is necessary; often over time small debris particles will collect inside a meshed gutter. We will lift and then re-secure the mesh for an additional fee.

How often should I have the gutters vacuumed?
Most Brisbane houses would need their gutters cleaned on a yearly basis as we have many trees in our suburbs. However, it does depend on the type of trees nearby and whether or not they are over-hanging the roof; in some circumstance we have customers who require a gutter clean every 6 months. The serviceman can advise when he does your first clean and recommend the time for the nest service, based on experience.

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Gutter cleaning to remove leaves and dirt
Vacuum to remove blockages and flush with water